Friday, 9 April 2010

Consumer Protection

. Friday, 9 April 2010 .

Consumer Protection
is the guarantee that should be earned by customers for each product purchased foodstuffs. But in reality this time the consumer as if the producers felt like adopted citizens dianak. In some cases the violations are found detrimental to consumers in levels that are considered harmful to health and even the soul of the konsumen.Beberapa example is: Expired food that is now being circulated in the form of parcel and expired products are basically very dangerous because of potentially infested fungi and bacteria that can eventually lead poisoning. Still found in fish that contain formaldehyde and borax, as we all know that both types of chemicals are very dangerous if dikontaminasikan with ingredients, plus more if the food that was contaminated with formaldehyde and borax are consumed continuously due to consumer ignorance, the most likely what happens is the emergence of cancer cells which can ultimately shorten life or cause death. Meat scrap or secondhand from hotels and restaurants are recycled, some time ago public digemparkan with issues related to the former hotel and restaurant meat processed again or known as meat or meat waste bin. Hearing his name only we would feel disgust and seemed to not believe in it, but mention the fact that the area of CGK, West Jakarta has been found and arrested a principal meat processing waste. In his confession actors explain the stages of what he did, namely; Waste meat is cleaned and washed with liquid formaldehyde, textile dyes and then given back before fried meat sold in various forms such as soups, meat empal and beef meatballs. And even more surprising thing is the players admitted that the practice had he lived for 5 (five) years. China milk products containing melamine. News that the public had horrendous China and Indonesia also is the discovery of melamine in milk products made in China.

Melamine substance itself is a substance commonly used in the manufacture of household furniture or plastic. But if the substance melamine was mixed with milk it will automatically increase the protein content in milk. However, this is not beneficial to consumers is the opposite it is very harmful to consumers. That there is melamine in the milk these side effects are very dangerous. In fact many babies who experience unusual penyaktit diseases such as kidney failure, even not a few of those who died dunia.Dari fourth example above we can know that the consumer becomes the most disadvantaged. Other consumers have to pay in the amount or the price may be regarded more and more expensive, consumers also must bear the major risks that endanger the health and spirit are things that concern continuous increase in prices occurs not based on the improvement of the quality or quality of such things produk.Hal might be due to a lack of supervision by the Government and statutory bodies such as the health department, the unit of Police Civil Service, as well as local offices of Trade and Industry. Existence of consumers are not fully appreciated because the main objective is to obtain profits from the seller as much as possible in the short term not for panjang.Oleh term therefore, we prepare this paper which contains about consumer protection. In this paper we will explain further and create solutions that might be useful for readers, particularly students / I in the future.

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