Friday, 16 April 2010

. Friday, 16 April 2010 .

"Why, after attending motivational seminars, motivation does not last long?" In another article I've discussed that motivation can indeed diminish. Thought it was a permanent motivation, is the first mistake. The second reason is that we will lose motivation if we only expect motivation from the outside. Because the strongest motivation comes from yourself.
In many NLP books mentioned that there are only two factors namely the motivation to pursue pleasure and avoid pain, or pain. But if I kerucutkan again, there is only one motivation factor, which is love. The greater our love, the greater the motivation to get up.
Look, many people are desperate to kill himself because of a breakup. This illustrates that love has the power to move us, even for things that are bad and unreasonable. Maybe you've listened to a lot of trash love story, no matter what is done "for love".
Joe Vitale realized the power of love as the main motivator after he saw the movie 50 First Dates (2004) (50 Dating First) which describes the efforts of a man who every day try to make seroang women fall in love with him. This business is conducted each day, due to the idol she have memory capable of remembering only 1 day. This is just one of those love stories in movies.
You can harness the power of love is to gain self-motivation. Of course, not limited to love the opposite sex, but love to other things as well. When you love your job, you will have enough motivation at work. Look pemasin football, in the midst of a tight schedule, they still enjoy playing in the field because they love the profession as a pesebak ball.
However, there is love the strongest. When you do not have this love, so you've wasted your life. This is the greatest love, which motivates the mujahideen on the battlefield. Not afraid to die, not afraid of pain, fear nothing, for the sake of this love. This love no other, love to God.
Because the work is part of worship. Once the business is also part of worship. And, of worship are as we love God, and work and our business is also a manifestation of our love to God. Supposedly, when we work and business, we will be highly motivated.
Let us pancangkan our intentions, that our businesses to work and worship. Let us fertilizer our consciousness, that business and our work is one manifestation of our love to God.
Is there a feeling our love to God? If it feels less, then our faith must be increased again. For the love of God only owned by those who believe.
As for those who believe, really, really love to God. (QS Al Baqarah: 165)

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