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Succes Story

. Friday, 16 April 2010 .

Success story of a Beggar
Date 19 January 2001, in a major city located on the planet to three MilkyWay galaxy. In the afternoon when many people come home from work. There was one person businessmen and look up the BMW car was in a hurry. She got out and headed for the nearest ATM to get some money.
What is certain is HUGE amounts of money.
In front there is an ATM that was sitting on the floor. Shabby clothing, such as holes and never washed. His eyes showed someone who did not have hope. There in front of a glass filled with money. If you're thinking he was a beggar.
You are 100% correct.
But the entrepreneur with cueknya stepped past the beggar and get into the ATM room. Apparently in the employers did not want to take money, he just wants to transfer money.
Definitive transfer in the amount of BIG.
When he was about to exit. I do not know where the entrepreneur becomes a feeling of pity for beggars. WOW! he took the wallet from his pocket. After seeing from the left corner to the right corner side of the wallet. He finally managed to find money with the smallest nominal!
Thousand Rupiah he gave to the beggar.
Thank you sir, says the beggar with his lips smiled with pleasure. Up to one thousand happy she is taking money out of glass and held it firmly. Hmmmmm ... maybe this is its biggest revenue day.
Exspresi of entrepreneurs just smiled wryly. Nothing more than that! then he started to leave the beggar to his luxury car. Then ... somehow! when he wants to get into the car ... he's like not willing to give money freely to beggars earlier.
Basic Pinchpenny! He ran back to the beggar. When we want to take a thousand of his money. He's stuck! or can not because the money is still gripped by the beggar.
Finally, without thinking!
The entrepreneur took a glass beggar who is probably the only treasure. With lightly and it looked like fun. The miserly businessman said:
You also are not entrepreneurs?
Then the businessman ran back to his car. And the beggar could only stare. Although barely visible there is water coming out of his eyes.
Hmmmmm ...
Along with the visible sky is red. Sun began to set. 8 years later ....
Precisely dated 2 July 2009. In a luxurious building located in major cities on the planet earth. The businessman was in his office. Daydreaming! even look like someone with stress.
Of course he's stressed! Because of the global economic crisis, his business was almost bankrupt! just waiting for the day he will become poor. One thing he never felt his life. Not to mention the burden of debt that he can not pay.
Not only impoverished, maybe he'll go to jail because he could not repay their debts.
The phone rang. It turns out that the secretary. "Coach would anyone want to meet you."
In fact employers were reluctant to meet anyone. Especially people who do not recognize. But he decided to meet the mysterious visitor was.
Mystery guest was entered. Then followed by a brief preamble, such as introduction names etc.. Then employers were asked the purpose the guest's arrival.
Mysterious visitor was willing to invest large sums of money in his company. Even the amount of money could also pay off debts. Employers do not believe it was just gawking.
But before the businessman stops from melongonya activities. The mystery guest said:

Maybe you've forgotten about me. Before I was a beggar who often hung in front of the ATM. Because the father was talking like this you also are not entrepreneurs?

My time was really touched.

You do not regard me as a beggar like everyone else, but sellers who are selling goods.

At that time I also stopped begging. Then the pioneering efforts of my own. And can you see me finally SUCCEED
So that's how successful you MUST begin with a motivation. Indeed the above story is just fiction. But I hope after reading this story ... you can make it a true story.

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